Moab, Utah comes up in every dialog about America’s off-road destinations. The area’s unique”slickrock” makes for a driving experience unlike anything else, place to stunning views and a number of the most powerful off-road culture anyplace. Here are a couple things to consider as you plan your first pilgrimage.


The whole American Southwest is exceptionally beautiful, and Moab provides a exceptional opportunity to push right throughthe incredible wind-form contours you have definitely honored in National Geographic. After starring in countless photographs and hundreds of discussion threads, I don’t think that it could be known as”overrated.”

If driving experiences are up your street in any way, you bet your bum Moab is well worth visiting. Do not fret about haters who claim”it’s not as good as it used to be.” I can not tell you whether it was “better” than it is currently, but make no mistake– off-roading Moab is unlike anything you are likely to do anywhere else in the nation, and for this reason alone it ought to be in your list.


The terrain Moab is famous for; precarious climbs across the hard-crusty surface called”slickrock,” is essentially all focused into a 25ish-square-mile region run from the BLM known as the Sand Flats Recreational Area. It gets really active, more on this later.

If you’d like a little more variety, you will find boundless paths running across the whole country and region. The region surrounding Moab has a number of the very scenic driving our nation offers in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. But nothing beyond Sand Flats is rather enjoy the Moab you are probably imagining.


Slickrock was correctly plotted to driving on”coarse sandpaper.” It supplies heaps of grip, further supplemented by rubber residue left behind by countless 4x4s that blazed the region’s paths before you. As soon as it is possible to see a dim trail embossed on the stones — take online. When it is only one thing to do, it is going to be the safest.

Another issue worth mentioning is that the sometimes jarring transition from sand to slickrock. While all of the sand I could find in my final trip was fairly hard packed; you can find places you may be heavy from the throttle skating through several tender material simply to come hard on solid stone and mess up your driveline. Approach terrain varies with care.

Do not be too spooked by YouTube movies of trucks drifting over such as turtles or end up impossible stuck in the base of a death pit however. You will find bypasses to the many gruesome obstacles, and so long as you take it slow and observe where your brakes are the simplest line will introduce itself to you.

When in doubt, Hurry out! Walk the barrier. Even better, ask wheelers who seem as though they know what they’re doing exactly what they imagine of your automobile. (Look for people with beat-up rigs, well-used winches, and goggle tans.)


Altered or inventory, the Jeep Wrangler is usually considered the Moab-mobile of option. A Troller will be better; the battle of Moab starts and finishes with approach and departure angles. That is likely why trucks generally are beginning to exude fame to Polaris RZR type-SxS ATVs; these items can climb whatever , and you will do plenty of climbing .

But excellent tires, very low selection, and a small bit of clearance will go a very long way.

To get a reference; I maximum’ed out a 2014 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X on a trail called”Fins’N Things,” rated a”4 out of 10″ from lowest to highest difficulty. That truck has about 9″ of ground clearance, an approach angle of 33º along with also an exit around 23º. Together with the tires aired up to 40 PSI, we obtained down and over most of this course without scratching… till it did not.

The Frontier tore it is trailer-wiring harness only before I thought the tiny truck was in over its head, becoming a bit more problem with aired-down tires (inducing a small clearance fall ). At least we could escape each mess we got to. You will too in the event that you take it slow.

You are gonna ought to ensure that your ride is operating before assaulting the slickrock. There’ll be plenty of high-revving, high-load amounts in your own engine in large heat at reduced rate. If your path rig is not prepared, you may require a different winter of wrenching until you take a shot at Moab.

This is not the place you are likely to need to boil ; portions of these paths provide no chance to pull off and you are gonna resemble a real dick inducing an off-road traffic jam. Fortunately in the event that you do fry your hardware, then there is pretty much no threat of becoming stuck outside in the sun… you won’t have the paths to yourself too frequently.


Winches are advised to get some of Moab’s harder paths; however after blowing off that warning on some runs at a inventory Tacoma I don’t have any trouble recommending you do exactly the same.

In the majority of the places it would be safe to winch from a different vehicle (or in which you would have the ability to locate a tree) that the sand is so shallow you might find a Subaru Forester through it. On the extreme angles of this slickrock; you are likely to possess to winch off the other automobile.

Allow me to tell you; tugging several inches away from these precipices is hairy for seasoned expedition motorist. You are likely to really go complete Code Brown as a first timer. If you can not make it up-and-over under your power anyhow, your automobile is too low and you will need to spend the problem down a notch. Come with a lift kit following year.


If you have not picked up on the thesis yet; Moab is Disney Land for 4WDers. That means you will find fantastic hordes of people between you and the enjoyable, and at times they move a lot slower than you wish to.

A few of the paths are shut”when the sun is down,” the others aren’t. Create your own judgement call, however, your lighting will trail off into nothingness and reevaluate the hazard amount in the event that you hit the road beneath the stars… therefore I would not leave overly long before dawn.

On a busy weekend, waking up until the sun is your ideal method to make sure you will not be waiting while some additional joey scrapes his ass poking around an obstruction. Should you get held up behind someone, at least you will always have a fantastic view as you wait for them to select lines; also you may find out what (not) to do with viewing them.

7. You Are Going To Be Driving Real Slow

If your type of off-roading involves large, satisfying splashes through puddles and stepping the vehicle’s tail outside around a corner, Moab might not be your scene. The paths are too tight and specialized to perform fast on four wheels; there is lots of creeping around corners along with your tires dangling out over 1000′ vertical drops.

That’s with 33″ tires and a winch are advocated. For the own reference, using a co-driver and spotter I got an inventory Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro through in about four hours. Allowed we left copious picture ceases, however I’m no amateur at a 4×4 and from the last couple of turns we’re about ready to pull out our hair. Give yourself more time than you feel you want.


Lots of Moab’s slickrock trails are just too tight to pay for a fair view in the driver’s seat of a truck, even something as little as a Nissan Frontier. That is the reason using a spotter is valuable; getting out and walking entails a great deal of time and tedium. Conserve the”self-discovery” solo experiences for one more weekend; you are going to be stewing in BO and boredom should you Moab alone.

Anyway, you will need someone to shoot action shots and talk shit with round the campfire after the day’s completed!

9. There is Always Camping Somewhere

If you did not just land here since you power-scroll toward the comment section, you know Moab is little (#2.) And packed (#6 ).) . That means it will not be long until you roll up on the dreaded”Campground Full” sign in the primary entrance to Sand Flats.

That leaves one with a couple choices. You are able to turn around and head back into town; locate a fleabag motel or place up from the bush to the north or south less-populated southwest. This is a dick and camp somewhere you are not likely to. You may also try making friends with someone who is already maintained a campsite.

Or you could press all of the way down Sand Flats road, come out the other hand, and maintain a scrubby patch of no person’s property as your day’s accommodations. The ranger will allow you to pay for camping once you depart even though you did not utilize the park facilities, but providing $10 into the BLM is not the worst thing that you can do following utilizing their paths all weekend.

10. . .

Collecting wood is prohibited, do not take action and also make us off-roaders resemble a lot of assholes. It is possible to purchase firewood at a lot of gasoline stations, or off random dudes in parking lots.

Sand Flats is an organized campground, but centers are spread out much farther than they’re in the customary KOA-type spot. Intend on pooping if you return to town for gas and java, the slickrock is difficult to dig holes .

You also need to plan on bringing your breakfast rig, since the ride back into the Diner downtown is extended on an empty belly.

Wes and I had Wiley the giant pup onboard while traversed Hell’s Revenge. This pooch is cute, but he whined and stank and painted the back window along with his nose the entire time… you may want to leave your beasts back home whenever they are not mad about rides.

Have fun, be safe, and expertise an off-road experience unlike any other in Moab, Utah!